Community Affairs

Co-shaping a vibrant new urban neighbourhood.
Family festival in the neighbourhood around Hannah Arendt Platz at aspern Seestadt
© Ludwig Schedl

Well-informed + Sharing ideas 

Seestadt is what we all make of it – strong neighbourhood spirit and an active community life are the watchwords. Right from the planning stage, Seestadt residents have been encouraged to contribute their ideas and suggestions and play an active part in shaping their new home. Why not get involved? Join with your neighbours to create a lively, sustainable neighbourhood with a future!

The Seestadt aspern Neighbourhood Management team offers plenty of opportunities for neighbourly interaction to help shape the evolving city-within-a-city. From community building projects to music-making and gardening – numerous initiatives for and by local residents encourage people to get involved.

Seestadt from the point of view of its inhabitants

Neighbourhood Management

Are you new to Seestadt? Want to meet new people? Have your own idea for a community initiative? Get in touch with the Seestadt aspern Neighbourhood Management team!