To let: office space + commercial premises

aspern Seestadt is a prime office location offering ideal conditions for successful business.

From starter offices, tiny offices and co-working spaces to combined home & office solutions and large-scale office suites, the Lakeside Park Quarter and Lakeside Crescent Quarter reflect the full diversity of modern workplaces. Ground-floor units with retail space are also available on request.

The Wien 3420 ONE STOP Service will provide you with a concise overview of available properties and help you find the perfect solution that ticks all your company's boxes.

Premises to let at a glance (PDF)
Large or small, ground floor or upper storey, immediate occupancy or in the near future, we'll send you a property dossier showing floor layouts, inform you about terms & conditions and supply further contact details. Seestadt's large catchment area and innovative environment make it the ideal location for your business.

Contact our ONE STOP Service:
Martin Hesik
+43 1 774 02 74 3420
Andreas Schrittesser, managing director Kasnudl GmbH
Kasnudl has found a new home at Seestadt. The great public transport links for our team, proximity to our Viennese client base and easy access to our produce suppliers are the factors that prompted our decision. Cooking close to the customer, short transport distances and sensible use of space are part of our corporate philosophy and go hand in hand with our integrated concept of a sustainable business HQ.
Andreas Schrittesser, CEO, Kasnudl GmbH


Rendering Robin Seestadt


Site J11

Investor/Property developer:
Potential use:
office space, retail + commerce

Site J6

Investor/Property developer:
ARE Austrian Real Estate
Potential use:
housing, office space

HoHo Wien

Site J5B

Investor/Property developer:
Entwicklung Baufeld Delta GmbH managed by ViennaEstate Immobilien AG
Potential use:
office space, retail + commerce
Project "Mischa" in the Lake Park Quater


Site J13

Investor/Property developer:
Potential use:
office space, retail + commerce, housing
Seeparkcampus West

Seeparkcampus West

Site J14A

Investor/Property developer:
ERSTE Immobilien KAG
Potential use:
office space
PrimeoMed Medizinisches Zentrum Seestadt

NOA22 – New ordination center aspern

Site J14B

Investor/Property developer:
PHCS Alpha Immobilien GmbH & Co KG
Potential use:
health cluster
Visualisation of the multi-storey car park-project SEEHUB.


Site J14C

Investor/Property developer:
List Group
Potential use:
multi-storey car park, sports facilities, office space, retail + commerce
Building of the VI Engineers "Living Garden" in Seestadt


Site J3B

Investor/Property developer:
VI-Engineers / fair-finance-immo
Potential use:
retail + commerce, housing, office space
Visualisation of the project Seeparq in the Seeparkquatier


Site J3C

Investor/Property developer:
Baugruppe SEEPARQ Aspern GmbH
Potential use:
housing, office space, retail + commerce, studio, culture
Visualisation of the project with the lake upfront.


Site J4

Investor/Property developer:
Potential use:
office space, retail + commerce, housing


Underground U2
Office Space
Stand: 16. Juni 2024