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aspern Seestadt is a showcase project of the Smart City Wien initiative: a place where smart ideas, concepts and technologies can be brought together and tried out under real conditions.

aspern Seestadt is a new urban centre taking shape in north-eastern Vienna, due for completion in 2028. As a Urban Lab, it forms part of the Smart City Wien initiative. As an evolving city-within-a-city, Seestadt is an ideal testing ground for new approaches in urban development. Throughout the process, the focus always remains on people: after all, it is a city's residents that make it intelligent in the first place.

Climate change and scarcity of resources will shape the future design of cities. As a growing metropolis, Vienna is facing up to this challenge. At the end of the day, when it comes to quality of life, infrastructure and innovation, the Austrian capital is one of the world's most successful cities – and it is keen to safeguard this status.
As a cross-cutting initiative, Smart City Wien embraces all spheres of urban life – both work- and leisure-related–ranging from infrastructure to energy, mobility and urban development in general.

Energy research for future needs

aspern Seestadt is both a showcase project and a "living lab" for cutting-edge technologies – an ideal environment in which to study the future of urban energy supply. ASCR Aspern Smart City Research is entirely dedicated to this field of study. The consortium of Siemens, Vienna's infrastructure and utilities operators Wien Energie and Wiener Netze, Vienna Business Agency and Wien 3420 AG co-founded the venture in 2013 with the aim of demonstrating how the cities of the future can function in a climate-friendly manner.

Whole system research

Building on international experience, ASCR's research at aspern is not limited to individual aspects, but looks at the system as a whole: data on buildings, the electricity grid, information and communications technology and user behaviour all feed in to one overarching energy research programme.

Three smart buildings

Three buildings at Seestadt are the subject of ASCR's smart building investigations – a housing complex, a hall of residence for students and a school campus. Equipped with photovoltaic installations, solar thermal systems, hybrid collectors, heat pumps and various thermal and electric energy storage systems, these buildings not only consume energy, but also function as power plants.

Users in focus

Energy users are a vitally important component of ASCR's research activities. 111 households are participating in the research programme, all of whom have given express permission for their energy consumption and room climate control data to be used for research purposes. A special "Smart Home Control App" allows the participating users to control heating, ventilation and various household appliances in their homes via smartphone or tablet.
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