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A new take on local shopping.
Employee of Leo, a bakery at aspern Seestadt
© Ludwig Schedl/Riederich

Shopping + Neighbourhood Vibe

Pop round the corner for a new book, sun cream, fresh bread and a few nibbles before sitting down for a relaxing evening on your balcony. And while you're out, you can drop in and make an appointment at the hairdresser's. At Seestadt, all the amenities are in your local neighbourhood. Everyday essentials are conveniently available on the doorstep for an easy, hassle-free lifestyle. But the Seestadt shopping parade also encourages you to linger: cafés, restaurants, seating and plenty of space to move around and do your own thing make it a lively neighbourhood meeting point for people to enjoy.

Managed + Personal Touch

The wide range of sectors on offer and the mix of shops and service providers are not purely coincidental. With aspern shopping, Seestadt is blazing a new trail: Maria-Tusch-Straße is Austria's first managed shopping parade – it functions just like a shopping centre, only all the shops and eateries are housed in the ground-floor zones of the residential buildings. The retail mix is adjusted in line with demand, ensuring you'll find everything you need on a day-to-day basis.  And Seestadt is also home to plenty of independent cafés, shops and service providers: from fashion boutique to ceramics workshop to dog-grooming salon, there's something for everyone.

On Foot + By Cargo Bike

In this city of short distances it's never far to the next café or shop. All the shops and eateries are situated at the heart of the residential quarters, just a short walk from home. And whenever you need a bigger shop, you can get your purchases home quickly and easily with an electric cargo bike from the SeestadtFLOTTE bike hire scheme.
Logo aspern shopping
Portrait of Marcus Wild of SES Spar European Shopping
The managed shopping parade is the only one of its kind in Austria. The future starts here, with a ground-breaking solution that will still be state of the art in 15 years' time.
Marcus Wild, CEO, SES Spar European Shopping Centers GmbH

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